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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Thanks to SteveI for sending me a couple of sets of this string.

On it initial examination, and comparing to 3 other black shaped polys, I'd comment as follows:

- in terms of shape, the string looks virtually identical to Dunlop Black Widow (another 7 sided poly). It's pretty thin with very prounounced edges which you can easily feel when rolling it through your fingers. Under a halogen lamp the surface texture and markings during the extrusion process also look very similar though the Black Widow looks slightly more marked. The strings also seem as bendy as each other. Is it made at the same factory or using the same tooling? If they are, I don't think they're the same chemical composition of string. Again, under a halogen lamp, the BHB7 looks like a yellowy black, whereas the black widow is more of a bluey black, so it doesn't appear to simply be a rebranded string.

- definitely a different string to Pro's Pro's Blackout, which is much rounder.

- definitely a different string to Weiscannon B5E which agains is much rounder and also noticeably stiffer.

Will string it up at the weekend and see how it plays.
How does Black Widow play btw? i've been thinking bout buying me a set. my cousin's coach uses it i beleive. my cousin said that it was nice strings to use.
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