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One clarification on my point of view - when I say that legs and bodies should be used to the maximum extent, I am not recommending doing upper body rotation that resembles a U-turn! Far from it - in fact, I am not a big believer in UBR. I don't believe that the rotational speed of the upper body is a big contributor to racquet head speed. I don't believe UBR is done for its additive effect to racquet head speed. However, the right amount of upper body turn is essential to properly load/stretch the appropriate muscles. Similar reasoning applies to leg use. Some people, the pros in particular, are able to get a lot out of UBR and legs. Some of us sedentary and stiff types simply will not be able to get as much, but we should aim to maximize what we do get.

Okay, I've said everything I know now, right or wrong...
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