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Originally Posted by rufusbgood View Post
Well coachrick seems to be the only one here who can recall a leather grip being difficult. I began stringing in the late 80's so he and I have experience with grips that date back a ways. Just so y'all understand, before the synthetics took over I probably installed about 150-200 leather grips, so I'm not exactly a novice at this. But here's what I'd like to do. I have one Neumann Luxury Leather left. I pulled it hard enough that the staples tore the tip a bit. Since both tennytive and mikeler don't use staples anyway that really shouldn't matter. I am offering to send this last grip at my expense to whichever of you two would like to accept the challenge of installing it and reporting back how much fun it was. Here's your grip:

i'm not sure there's a sure fire way of installing leather grips that always results in a clean transistion...the best quality thicker leathers are always tougher to install cleanly. i installed a fairway (1st quality) and it took alot of elbow grease and sweat to get it done properly; it also tore through at the anchoring staple when i was starting the wrap. i think the best quality leather grips are thicker and as a result take alot more force to get the correct amount of stretch that allows it to conform snugly to the buttcap. i've found it is easier to do in warmer temperatures where the leather is more pliable and easier to stretch. it was still quite a workout wrestling the grip onto the handle and the risk of tearing through the staple remains.

if you send me the grip, i'll be happy to try wrapping it to see if it's harder than the nice tan fairways i've installed before.

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