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So I have completed testing the Still in Black Select string. Stringing this string was like any other poly. As this is not a textured or shaped poly, it was a lot easier to string than some of the crazy twisted strings out there which made me enjoy stringing up this string. The color which they say is a dark blue looks awesome in my racquet and is not a color I have seen before in a poly which is nice.

My overall impressions of this string is that I would rate this among the top 3 polys I have tried to date and I have tried probably about 25 or so of them. What I liked most about it is the tension stability and good blend of comfort and control for a poly. This string held tension pretty good (broke it after about 20 hours) and is fairly low-powered string with very good feel and comfort for a poly. It offered good control, decent spin and played very nicely. I was able to play some of my best tennis in a long time with this string and the only thing that would make this string better would be spin, but you canít get everything with a string, lol. If you like control polyís with decent power and comfort, this may be a good string to consider trying out.

Haven't decided if I will be trying any of their other strings but I liked this one..
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