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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Started out 2012 with a loss tonight in 9.0. 2&4. But the Giants won, and I had a tasty burger, and many beers, so all in all a good day.

My serve is about half way there, volleys are ok, groundies are good. Return was hot and cold in first set, great in 2nd set. I poached a lot, and was mostly successful.

Match was at my least favorite club, far the heck away, odd lighting, and Har-Tru that the ball really doesn't bounce up on. Dry, thick, and sandy. A very odd playing surface.

Back is a little sore, but I did a lot of serve and volley practicing yesterday. So that is to be expected. Will see how it feels in the morning.

2hbh return was nice, even though I was using the BLXPS and its damnable tiny grip.

I missed one easy volley, and missed one overhead terribly, but other than that played pretty cleanly. Also wasn't quite as sharp on half volleys as I have been in recent weeks, but I went on a nice run over the past two weeks and was due to come back down to my usual level of forecourt play.

Considering today a success, and rewarding myself with a nice Beaujolais nouveau.

Now THIS is why I subscribed!!! Bravo J-Rog. BHBH
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