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Originally Posted by toly View Post
Thank you Max.

I’ve read in others threads your posts about fingers action. Could you clarify this?
It's about extra leverage from hand/fingers when turning racquet head around the ball. In case of linear motion I can just let go of racquet completely, hence old skool approach of holding the racquet as relaxed as you can without letting it slip out of your hand. But if swing path is more complex/circular with extra action on the ball, I have to fight centrifugal forces that pull racquet head forward/away. And this is where I need any leverage I can get from my fingers to turn racquet head in the desired direction (which is around the ball and across/around my body). With totally relaxed wrist/fingers I would have to work extra hard with my wrist/elbow/shoulder to turn racquet head into desired direction and compensate the pull from centrifugal force.
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