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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
I think they both are using Yonex Vcore 98d's. No paintjob.

But I feel most people ask that question because they want to start playing with what pros play with because once you get the equipment out of the picture all you have to focus on is your hard work and talents. So people decide to switch to it because they think they can become those players. All I can say is people who want pro stock items, people have played with the st. vincent, but I don't see anyone s/v'ing like sampras. People have the pro stock pt57's, but I don't see them hitting like Simon or Soderling. So, maybe we should just focus more on what you hit well with than what people are using. Pardon the digression, but people do take who is hitting with what too seriously here. If Murray sent you his personal racquets, I doubt you could hit your strokes like him. So focus on yourself, rather than the equipment.
I have pt57a's but my strokes are nothing like Simon, Soderling or Murray. I do however happen to like how they play and feel. This is a tennis forum after all, so i dont see any harm in wanting to know what the pro's are using.
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