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It's interesting that Gottfried von Cramm seems never to have played a professional tennis match, i.e. earned money for playing. That meant he was able to come back after the Second World War and resume play, winning several more tournaments, including his fifth and sixth singles title at the German Championships, in 1948 and 1949.

He had won the same title in the years 1932-35 (there was no German Championships tournament in 1936, probably due to the Olympic Games being held in Berlin, although the venue for the tournament in question was almost always Hamburg, and still is for the men.)

If I'm not mistaken, another German, Otto Froitzheim, with seven, holds the record for most wins in the men's singles event at the German Championships.
Fisher mentions that von Cramm returned to the German Championships in '37 and lost in five sets, right after losing the Davis Cup match to Budge.

It was a loss to Bromwich:

Von Cramm was so rarely defeated in five-setters, but suddenly in the summer of '37 he lost three (two to Budge).
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