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Originally Posted by frunk View Post
My "Final" Review

I've gotten about 8 hours with this string.
My normal Setup is:
K Blade Tour: BHBR 17 x OGSM 16. 53lbs x 52lbs.
Tested: BHB7 16 x OGSM 16. 53lbs x 52lbs.

I honestly didn't do too many serves with this setup, mainly due to a few blisters I got during the play test (obviously not the string's fault). I don't have a kick serve to write home about, but like BHBR, this gave me a better amount of spin due to its construction. Flat serves were flat, and kick and slice serves had a TINY extra jump. So said my opponents at least.

One word. Pocketability. As previously stated, it was a little hard to find this string's mojo at first due to the difference in stiffness, but after I got used to it...OMGBBQ. Every forehand was loaded with spin and I painted the baseline like never before. It's like RPM in it's first 30 minutes...except this lasts for hours. Backhands also had a nice razor-like touch. Slice backhands dropped appropriately shorter than normal and spun slightly more than BHBR.

I didn't hit a single volley with this string...sorry.

Overall Impressions:
It's like a durable, tension-maintaining RPM blast that (from what I hear) will be cheaper. I've advertised the string to several friends and they've gotten interested in the string. Would I switch from BHBR 17? No. BHBR gives me a little SOMETHING else which I like. I can't put my finger on it just yet.
You played with this string for 8 hours and didn't hit one single volley? Why not?
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