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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Out of curiosity how do you attach the ends to the stringbed?
Notice the picture I have here has 4 tiny O-rings on my old racquet. I just used this picture as an example of what it would be like when the Prince Silencer is installed. It sits with two strings crossing in its middle O.

Okay, to install the Prince Silencer start by getting a friend to help you (trust me on this). Have him push down on the string where the red arrows are. Two thumbs on each side of the cross string works best.

While he's pushing down on that string, you'll pull up on the cross string where the blue arrows are while sliding one of the Silencer dampener's ends between the strings. There is not much room between strings so hard to do alone but I've managed it many times. But SO much easier with a friend's help.

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