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Default Tourna Big Hitter Black 7

Tourna Big Hitter Black 7

Stringing: Not bad. As far as textured polys go, this doesn't have that kinking memory. It is, however, rather sharp. In that regard, it reminds me very much of Polyfibre Hexablade. It's got that feeling that if you're not careful, you may cut your fingertips. Luckily, that didn't happen. Strung in full as shown, tension of 47/47.

Groundstrokes: This is a fantastic baseliner's poly string. It has a very, very unique feel to it that lets you know that you are generating spin. While not as much as it's blue brother, BHBR, it is still well above average. This is a baseliner's poly for those with high RHS and who employ a slice. While slices do tend to float more than with other spin polys (even for a large amount of pace, you tend to get more RPMs than you expect), this same feature is great for those with large forehands and backhands. It lets you hit heavier shots than your stroke would otherwise produce. I do not mean more spin: I mean heavy. I define heavy as the intersection of pace and spin whereby the speed of the ball appears to be amplified as it loses little speed upon bouncing. Some strings create spin which tends to have the ball float (i.e. Spiky Shark, Cyclone, Blue Gear). There are then those select few which create the heavy spin I am describing (BHBR, Tour Bite, Barb Wire). BHB7 falls into the latter category, coming second only to Tour Bite in this aspect. Tour Bite's downfall is where BHBR and not surprisingly BHB7 take the step ahead: they only impart the spin when you desire. In short, this is a poly for the baseliner or all-court player who is able to control what sort of action they want to put on the ball.
Overall: 9.5/10

Serves: If you hit flat first serves, then please continue on to the volleys section. If, however, you employ spin on all serves, then continue as this may be the string for you. I never was without pace with this string. More importantly, it produced incredibly heavy serves. If you put the ball within a foot of either the T or the sideline, it will kick off the court and make the serve seemingly faster. I typically hit first serves in the low 100s since I rarely serve flat anymore. I did hit a flat serve or two while testing, and it really wasn't my cup of tea. Then again, you likely wouldn't be using this if all you do is bomb flat serves with full polyester. So for me, this string fit my serving needs. It does fall short in power compared to BHBR and other similar strings which shine on serves. If this had a bit more pop along with the action it produces, it'd be a lethal combination.
Overall: 8.75/10

Volleys: Not much feel at the net, unfortunately. You rarely get a "solid" feel when blocking back hard shots and the lack of power makes reaching volleys more difficult. It does, however, allow you to hit great mid-court pickups or half volleys that are difficult to return. Unfortunately for me though, I just didn't have the confidence I like when up at the net.
Overall: 8/10

Durability: So far so good. Strings are still aligned with the crosses moving slightly. These shaped strings in particular (twisted ones don't suffer as much) tend to wear down their sharp edges over time. I didn't see that here, but then again, I haven't played it until death.
Overall: 8.5/10

I am not a full polyester player anymore by any means. I do, however, appreciate a good poly when it comes along. I think this could be an astounding string if used in a hybrid with a lively multi. Gut here would be a waste (you don't often hear me say that) since it'd be shredded as the string is sharp, but doesn't notch. Syn gut would simply soften the stringbed, but this is soft already. What I'd cross it with is a 16g lively multi with fairly good tension stability. I will try next (if I can get another set) with Thunderblast crosses and can then compare head-head with B5E.

Overall: 9.15/10
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