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Default having read all of the posts ....

I agree that posting a video from a lesson was tacky, and suing for recognition is beyond tacky ... so I'm wondering if there is more that we don't know about that led to so much hurt/hard feelings.

Rafa's serve definitely would seem improved from what I watched during the video.

If Tony needed convincing as well, then perhaps it was Tony who wouldn't listen if Rafa had actually looked up any serve videos on line .... and if it was Rafa who wanted to change ... but it doesn't appear that way from the video.

Also, I know being a skating coach someone can be VERY advanced and go to another city to train with a coach to get a FRESH EYE and a new coach will see something that should have been obvious but was not. A different coach CAN make a huge different in one lesson ...

So my conclusion is that the lesson did help Rafa but because he didn't want to give credit to anyone else than his Uncle Tony so as to be loyal to the family, this caused Oscar to feel hurt.

I think it would have been a tad "bigger" of Tony and Rafa to acknowledge that his imput was helpful. I think that's all Oscar wanted if I was to guess. I don't think he expected full credit as the student does the work .... but I think if they blew him off, he probably went off the deep end with a law suit, which to me is sad.

I have had lots of lessons, stadium jumping, tennis, figure skating, and I can honestly say that I have gotten at least ONE valuable piece of input from every coach, even if I didn't agree with all of it, there was ALWAYS something of value from each person.

Looking at Rafa's serve when he went in with the lack of racquet elbow bend and a few other things, he could have at least said that Oscar's lesson was helpful and let it go at that ... and that would probably have been the end of it. Just my guess on it.
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