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It's a wierd world out there. I had a similar experience with a well known tour coach--filmed his player's serve at the request of a friend who was also on the coaching team. Showed it to him with her side by side with Federer. He took a look but was pretty disinterested. The other coach and I asked him if he wanted to do some work with her on the court and he said no, which was fine.

A few months later, she changed her motion and incorporated the elements we were talking about. Made me feel good actually, but I wasn't surprised not to be acknowledged. And maybe he forgot about what I showed him or figured it out on his own--who knows.

But I didn't make a video of the process. I think it's obvious Oscar had an impact but actually doing a mini-documentary of it does show he had a plan for recognition. Not sure if that is good or bad, but on the tour collaborative credit is pretty rare from everything I've seen.
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