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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
I see your point, but don't we have pretty strong evidence that Nadal made the changes that Borras suggested? So it's not like the guy made some recommendations that Nadal ignored and then never talked to him again. The adjustments Borras suggested were a big part of Nadal's improved serving. It seems only right to give the guy credit.

For some reason, it seems like Nadal, and probably most other players, never want to admit that they've made any change to their technique.
maybe. He might have helped him but then he became greedy and wanted to make money/get a free marketing by publishing the video.

He already got paid for his lesson if you want to advertise with rafa you have to pay more.

Of course tony and rafa were ****ed with that. their action was maybe not fair either but I can understand him. If that coach had any class he would not have used rafa as an advertisement and kept the work confidential.
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