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Definitely one of the best (if not the best) thread I've seen on dampeners. Drives me nuts when I see guys posting things like "it healed my TE" or "after installing a dampener I had much better control and power!" lol

Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Out of curiosity how do you attach the ends to the stringbed?
You can install them without the assistance of another pair of hands, but it's no fun. Corbind, I respect the fact that this particular dampener is your favorite, but I hate 'em lol. In my opinion, for what little extra muting they provide when compared some others, the process of installing them just isn't worth it to me. When someone hands me a racquet to restring with one of those bad boys in it, I hand it back and ask them to remove it. If you're installing it by yourself, you run the risk of tearing the ends, especially if it's an older dampener that's dry-rotted a little.

For racquetball racquets they're easy to get in and out because typically the highest tension you'll see is around 35lbs.
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