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Coaches know how replaceable they are. How rare talent is. Anyone else sniffing around gets ignored or booted psychologically downwards and bad mouthed and controlled as Tony did in the video. Shows just how insecure he is. Just a comment like, "Rafa, most of the power gain you can make in your serve will come from your internal shoulder rotation, by driving up your elbow, and your forearm pronation rotating downwards by that elbow lever.", could have made a big difference, and Tony made sure that lesson failed by literally stepping inbetween Rafa and Oscar, and stunting the lesson! Just another low class move by Tony.

Who do you think taught Rafa all the cheap psych moves? Also look up operacion puerto. Nadal was on supposedly on the steroid list besides the bikers, (ever see him sucking down the biker gel made in the uk, the skinny orange package), and that list was sealed off by the judge. nadal pic

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