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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
...You can install them without the assistance of another pair of hands, but it's no fun. Corbind, I respect the fact that this particular dampener is your favorite, but I hate 'em lol. In my opinion, for what little extra muting they provide when compared some others, the process of installing them just isn't worth it to me...
Yes, the Prince Silencer is a PITA to install but I look at it this way. Spend a couple of minutes now to put it on and it will never come off during play...EVER! So only when you restring do you need to get your fingers and thumbs ready again for some pain. But I like this one so much the pain is easily worth it.

Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
...If you're installing it by yourself, you run the risk of tearing the ends, especially if it's an older dampener that's dry-rotted a little...
The first one I tried to install myself. I struggled for a bit and decided to go for it. Yea, dumb move. slid the thing in but pushed so hard ripped the end in half so $3 down the drain.

The next time I tried to install one (waited until the next day) I got help and it was very easy with 4 hands. If I were smart I'd build a little tool to help me do them easily. But I'd spend 4 hours making one when I could just have a friend help most any time.
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