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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
Yes, the Prince Silencer is a PITA to install but I look at it this way. Spend a couple of minutes now to put it on and it will never come off during play...EVER! So only when you restring do you need to get your fingers and thumbs ready again for some pain. But I like this one so much the pain is easily worth it.
Well hey, that's all that matters. I use a Volkl V1 Classic Midplus, and they come with these dampeners. The Volkl DNX Vibrastops are a pain to install as well because they have an extremely snug fit. I've never had one come off (so far), but I also understand that the chances of it coming off are infinitely greater than the Silencer.

Anyway, I admire your committent to that particular product (you're a better man than I am lol), and again, great thread, bud!
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