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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
When calling close shots on your side of the court do you err on the side of generosity or stinginess?

I've noticed that some players, when not 100% certain of a shot, will unhesitatingly call their opponent's shot in. (That's me.)

Others, even when hemming and hawing as to whether or not a shot was in, will call the shot out.

I ask this because last night while practicing with my team there were a number of close shots as usual. I noticed that a few of us consistently called close shots in favor of an opponent and, if uncertain in any way, immediately called the shot in favor of an opponent. One woman (mixed doubles), after a long pause, finally said of one shot, "I guess it was out". Another said of a close shot, "On Sunday I would have called that out".

So, on which side do you err when not certain of a shot?
If I am not sure,I gotta call it in. Just the way I roll,it is a game after all and you gotta pay credit where it is due for a good shot.
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