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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
I'm not certain Kiki, but I really think Borg was most focused on continuing to try and win majors (US Open, Wimbledon, FO). That had become his big focus by 1981 already. Yet, imagine Borg doing that, while he watched his big rivals McEnroe, Connors (who took over #1 again in 1982 from McEnroe), Lendl, face off at the majors. I do like that idea though. If he had done that, imagine how the officials at Wimbledon and elsewhere would have looked as they insisted that Borg could not play in the main draw without qualifying? Back to this match in 1982, you see Borg playing some very good tennis against McEnroe, who should be considered one of the greatest indoor players ever. Recall that Borg took out McEnroe at the Masters too at NY's MSG in both Jan. 80 and Jan. 81, winning both of those YEC (5-0 vs. Lendl, Connors, and McEnroe combined during those two tourneys). That was considered by most to be the biggest proze (4th biggest tournament behind Wimbledon, the FO, and the US Open). Many don't realize just how great of an indoor player Borg was.
Amazing set of wins, Borg was absolutely paramount in 1979-80, in the MSG he played his best tennis ever, in my opinion.Remember his matches with Connors and Mac? both, in 1979 and 1980 Masters.Some of the finest indoor tennis ever.

The funny thing is that Borg´s first real success on tour, was the 1974 WCT Finals, where he destroyed seasoned champs like Okker and Kodes and lost to peak newcombe in 4 sets (Newc was a bad match up for him, anyway).After the match, when being presented with the winners trophy, Newc, such a great fella, said " He certainly is the best under 20 player in the world but, above it, he is so chick and sport...I´d like my son to be so chick as Bjorn is when he hest 18..." ( one day we should have a thread on Newcombe, one of the best players in the modern game and, certainly, one of the nicest and fittest sportsmen that I can think of).
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