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I think you are way off base. In our families years in juniors we have known plenty of kids who were only focused on the pros with full family support. They lived and died for tennis and had no doubts at all. A few were interviewed as local prodigies and all said they would be # one in the entire world. They trained as hard as possible and took their tennis as far as they could. This happens all over the USA but at some point they reach their level in tennis. Out of all those USA kids we have some Ryan Harrison and Jack Sock types who get nicely ranked. Some day one of these kids will be the next American wonder player. So please know your student is not the only kid focused on being number one and many USA kids are going for it. Most of them reach a certain level and stop there but they go for it 100 percent. My nephew knows Chi Chi Scholl who never thought of anything but the pros since she was little and she has made it to 164 rank. In 3 years even with that ranking she has made only $46000 which is $15000 per year so of course she is losing lots of money. Lots of USA kids have gone for it over the years and will continue to do it.
Chi Chi stayed with me for a week this last year , I talk with her at length about this subject , I won't speak on what my thoughts of what she was doing was right or wrong but did notice one thing she was traveling alone which told me a lot.

Like I said you need a team around the athlete and all this must start being part of the process from the beginning. I will give you and example the work they are doing at 10-12needs to be "very" hard with a follow up of regular massages and stretching, this normally does not happen.
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