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Originally Posted by donnymac10s View Post
You're completely missing the's not about helping a couple of players here and there for the next 1-2 years. It's about sending a message to parents and juniors that we take tennis seriously...that if you try hard in the Jrs, there will be a guaranteed support system down the road. That support system is going to produce a higher level of play at every step. In 6-8 years, we will have a handful of lions ready to attack the top-30, top-10 (simply because the competition will have been tougher throughout juniors). Europeans have the club system and the federation system to rely upon. They know that if they get to a certain level, they are taken care of..even minimally. We don't have that. Our players give up (and aim for college) without giving themselves a proper shot to succeed. Even those who have hunger and desire cannot support the $100K a year that it takes just to we keep aiming for lower and lower levels and then complain why there are so many foreigners in D-1. Or we can keep doing the same thing and hope for a better result...
I think you raise a good point. There is not much transitional help for players looking to transition out of juniors into the pros, so it becomes almost an impossibility unless the player is among the select few chosen by the USTA to give support of the player has wealthy benefactors.

Otherwise, it can be a lonely and expensive road trying to move out of the pro circuit onto the WTA or ATP level tournaments.

I would be great if there was some stuctured support in place for people trying to do that from the USTA.

What would also be great is if the prize money was more equitably distributed to the first few rounds of tournaments and to the lower level tournaments.

I think if you win a pro circuit level 10,000 tournament, you get around 1 WTA point and maybe 1,000 dollars, That certainly is not enough to cover travel expenses and training for that tournament.

If the money was shifted a little more downward so that these women and men are making enough to survive and train, we might see more people able to make some moves onto the respective tours.

I am not saying the "journeyman" player should get rich, but they should be able to make enough to train, travel to the next tournie, save a little and not have to live like paupers just scraping by.
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