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Originally Posted by donnymac10s View Post
So true. How are we going to get people in the top-10 in the world if we're too cowardly to push players into the top-300; top-200; top-150; top-100; and top-50. When US dominated the top ranks, we had players all over the rankings. We simply need more players gunning for the pros. THAT's where the USTA needs to help. Hand out grants to players reaching certain rankings. The "carrot" approach. More people would bust their butt - in Jrs. or college - knowing that they could have some support if they reached certain levels.
Yea, I like your idea. How about the USTA giving...say 50% discounts on entry tournament fees for kids who are in the top 10 of their rankings, be it sectional or national rankings and events. In the sectional my daughter plays in, they give out grants for kids of modest means, but you need to provide proof of income and whatnot.
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