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Originally Posted by donnymac10s View Post
I disagree...I don't think that our struggles in producing top-10 players is due to lack of athleticism. Tennis is more about skill (which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop) than anything else. Athleticism can be developed as part of the process. I believe that our problems stem from the fact that most players/parents do not see a pro career as feasible. So they half-***** the development and think that college is going to act some sort of a stepping stone. If more players, beginning with U10, U12, etc. believe that there's a slightly better than remote chance of being able to play pro due to support from the USTA, they will try harder in the initial stages - thereby producing tougher and higher quality players at every stage. Eventually, a group of world-beaters will bubble through.
I think the thing that separates tennis from other sports is not the skill or athleticism that is required for the sport. All sports require that. I think it is the mental factor.

It's one against one. You get to see your new ranking published every week or so. Sure there is dual meet competition in track and swimming....but the opponent in those sports is the inanimate clock as much as it is another individual. Maybe wrestling comes close.

Skill and athleticism are out there for all to see. It is much more difficult, I think, to develop and assess the mental prerequisites for a successful career at the highest levels of competitive tennis
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