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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
I think the thing that separates tennis from other sports is not the skill or athleticism that is required for the sport. All sports require that. I think it is the mental factor.

It's one against one. You get to see your new ranking published every week or so. Sure there is dual meet competition in track and swimming....but the opponent in those sports is the inanimate clock as much as it is another individual. Maybe wrestling comes close.

Skill and athleticism are out there for all to see. It is much more difficult, I think, to develop and assess the mental prerequisites for a successful career at the highest levels of competitive tennis
Agreed. I believe that, with proper coaching, technical, mental, tactical and athletic qualities can be developed. This all takes time and money. Tennis is too advanced to believe that some inner-city kid with little or no coaching (but heaps of athleticism) will make it far. It's a business where all human components need to be developed like clockwork.
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