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Originally Posted by Vegito View Post
Friends, Im a 22 years old Vilas fan, and I allways wants opinions and information about him. Anyone have stats, declarations of the players or any kind of information about the semifinal match at te Masters 77? I would like to know if Vilas was fine physically. I found different versions in various newspaper files. Vilas beat Connors in that Masters, playing a great tennis, but then lost to Borg in semifinals. After that, Vilas didnīt play for months. Some persons talked about ak kind of complex of Vilas against Borg, if Vilas was good physically in that match, it means Borg was really difficult to him, because Guillermo was in a great shape in that moment. Anyway I would have liked to see Vilas playing against Borg in 1977 French Open Final or in the "american tour" that year. Who would win? Some things I read about that match and the links:

"Vilas was a bit slower than in his magnificent second round victory over Connors, but Borg was simply flawless",2506820

Tremendous accusations of a journalist against Vilas and Borg:,1203058

Interestant description of the match and some declarations of the players:,1366266

I have another question. If ATP had given the number one to Vilas, at least for a month(for example september-october 1977, or at any time that year)You think the rest of his career would have been any different. This affected Guillermo?

And you know what happened in those first months of 1978? Because I read somewhere that he lost in many early rounds, but this does not appear in the ATP site.

Regards to everyone.

I read a lot of times that Vilas had an injury at his wrist during this semi-final against Borg.
About 1977, the ATP ranking was totally absurd, and everyone knows that Vilas was the real world champion this year. But I think it affects a little Vilas. ATP should say today : OK, the system was stupid, and Vilas is the n°1 in 1977. It would be fair.
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