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Like other brands, Yonex does have pro stock racquets. I used to have one of Hewitt pro stock racquets and it plays totally different from the retail one. It weights more than 350g unstrung, plays very soft, and vibrates really bad on off-center like old graphite racquets. When hitting properly, ball speed is really amazing.

For V-Core 98D, they have pro stock version too. I played it once last month. It is super stiff even with gut/poly string. I think Yonex has it in varieties of stiffnesses available for pros.
The reason why Hewitt's racquet played different from MP Tour mid 1 (great racquet by the way) was because He used the SRD Tour 90 with paint job, SRD Tour 90 was not a racquet only made for Hewitt it was a retail racquet, only after the new successor models came out He still used that same one that we could no longer buy it and He used it, until RQiS 1 Tour but then He went back to SRD tour 90 again, and only changed for sure to RDiS 100. Krajicek used one version of the SRD Tour I think but with 18x20, if anybody could post pics of Richard using the SRD tour would be great.

350g unstrung spec for that racquet is right on the target fro that racquet, if you got L, the racquets could be even heavier than that. I played with that racquet for a long time, great racquet, I didn't notice the vibrations you said, but to each his own.

Of course Yonex gives them what they want, but VCore 98D is the racquet they use. As far as the retail it may feel stiff depending on the strings.

If you don't mind, who was the VCore 98D's owner and how different it was from retail? The mold is the same for all players using, but the specs are probably different, every player has different demands.

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