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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
Completely agree with that Kiki, but on court Borg liked to get down to business and that was Borg's first W final. He came up with a big clutch performance in 1976 there and he was still only 20. Nastase and Connors were good friends too. Of course, later Borg, Gerulaitis, and McEnroe were friends too.
I think Nastase had in Wimbledon, the same menthal problem Borg had at New York.He should have won that great 1972 final vs Smith and he had trounced Borg just a few months before at the Masters...played on Borg´s home soil.It was really amazing that Borg could beat Nastase so easily at their 1976 final.Nastase should have won it, but Borg played with no nerves and a complete self confidence...and a much imporved serve as a result of hiring somebody to help him develop his serve...a certain Ilie Nastase ( so, Nasty has a great % of the success of Borg, unfortunately it turned out being a boomerang agaisnt him)

And for the friendship, yes.Borg was close to Nastase,Panatta,Gerulaitis and pretty good friends with Mc Enroe and, for a few years, Vilas.He also got along fine with other guys like Orantes and Ashe, with whom he trained a lot.
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