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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Vilas never beat Borg on fast indoors: Borg defeated him in the 1976 WCT Finals and destroyed him in the 1979 WCT Richmond tournament, in the finals.he had no chance.

well, Vilas beat Borg in the 1975 Masters but Borg lost that match on purpose, as I said before, to avoid facing Nastase in the sf...he faced Ilie in the finals...and, fortunately, was roundly beaten ( Nastase played with him like a toy in front of local Stockholm fans)
Vilas was in great shape in the Masters 1977, so I think maybe he would have won. Vilas also beat Borg in the Canadian Open 1976, in an Outdoor Hard Surface. I read once in Wikipedia this tournament was in clay, but at least the ATP site say it was in Hard. Apparently Vilas felt comfortable there in Canada, he won twice. Vilas won some tournament in hard, so I wonder if he could have gone further in the US Open betwenn 1978 and 1981. Maybe it was a faster and more difficult surface? Vilas also won in Basel 1978 beating McEnroe in the final. Anyone know something about that Borg-Vilas match in Canada?
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