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Originally Posted by Overeemforehand-YYR-23 View Post
They both use 98D until proven otherwise

Verdasco won San Jose not Memphis. He actually hit a his biggest serve ever 152 mph. I bought my RDiS 200 before even demoing, great racquets. Yonex not being chosen by Verdasco may have actually been a good thing for Yonex, look where He is now, I don't think He could ever stay in the top 10 for that long, I guess his spell is over.

There is no Yonex Pro Stock. The only differences are that the racquets are made for the players demands, for instance if you wanted a Vcore 98D with 360g unstrung, they would make it for you, but it would be a 98D. The difference in playability is because of extra weight, different length.

I don't understand this buzz suddenly just because Yonex hired Tomic and Wawrinka. They always made great racquets, independently of who played with their racquets, suddenly many want to buy VCore here...ludicrous !!!

Look at the URD ti 80, is the same from some years ago, or look for some old R series if you want something old. No doubt the modern racquets are easier to play, more user friendly.
You are mistaken on ALL accounts Verdaco lost in SAn Jose to Raonic and Wawrinka is using 95d no matter what lies yonex is telling you

Oh and almost forgot

Yonex does have pro stock frames...just ask PimPim
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