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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
TW now sells MY FAVORITE DAMP and I went crazy when I saw this --

because it is EXACTLY like the Prince Silencer damp I reviewed in my article. How can this Ektelon damp be exactly like the Prince? How do they not get sued? A quick net search reveals Ektelon is a subsidiary of Prince. So Prince just slaps the different name brand on it and markets it to rackeball players since the Ektelon brand is known much better there.

Nevertheless, at least TW now sells my favorite damp! It shows in the damp section here on TW but the link goes straight to RW.

From what I recall, unfortunately, the Prince Silencer is actually illegal for use in competitive/regulated play. Not that anyone ACTUALLY cares or checks, but I thought i'd point that out.

Additionally, installing these isn't really that bad. You don't have to press down on the strings, or anything. weave the dampener, and on the final loop, bring the eyelet of the dampener ABOVE the bottom cross string, and lay it flat on top of the last main string. With one hand, hold the top of the eyelet in place, and yank on the other end of the dampener downwards. It'll slip into place. (This is difficult to describe in text, but I don't have a silencer on hand, or else i'd make a video).

Finally, did you press the Babolat RVS dampener down so it was touching your frame? This is where the dampening happens, IMO. It's not a great dampener of string buzz, but when it's pushed up against the frame, it does a pretty reasonable job of muting buzz.
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