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Oh, and in the picture I provided (my last post bottom of page 1) You can see I have a Prince Silencer (bottom clear one) and a Yonex installed but cut/modified a bit to slide down into my frame port.

Why two dampeners? Until something better comes out, the Silencer will always be on all my sticks. It does a fantastic job of dampening while covering 10 of my 16 mains.

The black, V-shaped damp you see at the bottom of he picture is actually not a Babolat Racquet Vibration System damp. It's a Yonex (in my review) and adds almost 4 grams of weight. I'd like to believe that helps ever so slightly to suck up a little low-frequency vibration. If not, then the Yonex is just in lieu of lead weight.
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