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Default Info on the ZR200

Originally Posted by sabala View Post
Casio is coming out with the ZR200 in April of this year. It will have the manual shutter speed like the FH100. Also 240 fps is a bit improved at 512 x 384. It will be around 380.00

For camcorders I came across the Sanyo VPC-SH1. It is capable of 240 fps and 600 fps for analysis. Online I see it's around a few hundred bucks.
CORRECTION - the ZR200 may not have MANUAL shutter speed control in high speed video - see reply #28.

The new Casio ZR200 probably does have MANUAL shutter speed control according to this video. Great news!

I am a little uncertain when interpreting the Casio spec sheet regarding shutter speed and camera operation modes, stills & video, etc. Click ZR200 & FH100 and “compare” on the Casio site below. Look at the "Shutter Type" spec.

I believe that the fastest shutter speed for the ZR200 is 1/2000 sec. It should do a very good job showing most of a tennis stroke but there will be some motion blur especially for the highest tennis stroke velocities.

[Motion blur = object velocity X shutter speed. (for an object going across the frame)]

For the FH100 the fastest shutter speed is 1/40,000sec and therefore motion blur is negligible for the highest tennis stroke motions (if you have enough light). I use shutter speed 1/10,000s most often.

BTW. For indoor courts the lighting level is only about 1/100th of the lighting level of direct sunlight outdoors. The FH100 has to use a slow shutter speed ~1/1,000s to collect enough photons for useable video. You can't use fast shutter speeds indoors with current technology and there's motion blur.

How long can the Sanyo camera record? Please post the link with the info.

FYI - Some motion blur calculations, reply #614.

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