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Interesting Kiki. Bergelin has spoken about how he and Borg worked on his serve for a week or two before that tourney at Cumberland tennis club (private). He was spending hours just hitting serves and the courts played fast that year due to heat/no rain. He said it had become "pretty good" in his typical understated way. Was Nastase out there too practicing and giving Borg some advice on serve? Fascinating stuff.
french journalist Jean Couvercell, from LEquipe wrotte a fantastic book called " les cannibales du tennis" that covered 1968-1979 with very amusing chapters for the major players of that period.In Borgs chapter, he positively says that Borg had looked upon Nastase ( not a big server but a pretty good one) to help him out with his serve.

BTW, any french fan of the 70s has that book? I lost it many years ago, and it was a great one to read.It also has a very long introduction that summarizes the greatest moments of the 1920s (Tilden and les Mousquetaires), 30s (Perry and Budge ), 40s (Kramer) and 50s and 60s till pro era (Gonzales,Trabert,Patty,Drobny,Seixas,Cooper,Hoad, Fraser,Emerson,Santana and Pietrangeli)...a real must for people like us, so found of tennis hsitory and, specifically, the Golden Era ( 1968-1993 )
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