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Default Sanyo 10 second limit & some features to check on HSV Cameras

Originally Posted by sabala View Post
Sanyo VPC-SH1 recording times listed here -

.................................................. ....... Why introduce a great feature then remove it??

Also coming out this year at the end of March is the Kodak Playful Zi12. For only 200 bucks it looks to have some great features for both recording matches and doing high speed analysis at 120/240 fps. Don't know what recording times are yet though...
The VPC-SH1 Sanyo camera specs - the last foot note - says

“The maximum recording time for one video clip in [Web-SHR] and [Web-UHR] modes is approximately 10 seconds (with no sound recording).”

That is limiting and would not work well, for example, if you wanted to video your own serve and had nobody to operate the camera. (Does it have a remote trigger?) Also, to do stroke analysis from some distance you need a zoom lens, 'point & shoot' camera type optics would be very limiting. That Sanyo does have a very fast video shutter speed of 1/10,000s.

FYI - I believe that the new Nikon J1 & V1 also have very short maximum recording times, 5 seconds, for their high speed video modes. Please double check that spec.

The high performance of the Casio FH100 camera must not have resulted in sales as most buyers probably don’t appreciate high speed video performance features beyond frame rate, fps.

In addition to resolution, frame rate and shutter speed you should check the following high speed video specs and performance characteristics as they may be important for your application:

1) Maximum recording time after triggering.
2) Can it be remotely triggered? (My FH100 can't be but my Aiptek 60fps can be.)
3) How large the LCD screen is and how bright? - especially visibility in sunlight.
4) How well the camera can do frame-by-frame stop action on the camera? (add See Samsung TL350 (2010) forum comments )
5) Battery life.
6) Lens - A zoom lens with wide angle to telephoto is best.
7) Low light sensitivity.
8 Jello Effect distortions that, under your conditions, may affect the spatial accuracy of high speed video images. This information is difficult to find and never advertized or in spec sheets. I have simulated some of the video set ups and measured the distortions to see if errors are negligible or have to corrected for. Not difficult to do.

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