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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I was upset about them mandating all 10s and level 4 and 5 tournaments to green dot.I got over it and just trained her hard and worked on her technique and feet.She just turned 10 and now it doesnt really matter anymore because now she can compete with the good 12s.I know I said she wasnt playing tournaments till she was eleven but im changing my mind again.This year she will play level 3s or better because SHE told me daddy I wanna play tournaments.Her coach also told me he wants her to play so we can see her compete.NONE of the top 10 year old girls in Georgia are playin green dot.
Oh no TCF is turning in retirement seriously none of the TOP 9 year olds in NE are playing green, they are grinding it with the big boys in the 12's,

If all the Top 10 year olds are not playing green, then you should not be worried about your kid playing girls that are almost 13 years olds, there are plenty of top 10 year olds that she can compete against, have fun

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