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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
You obviously know nothing about tennis and are totally damaging your child by letting a 9-year old hit with yellow balls! You are breaking the rules. HORRORS!!! Don't you know that the USTA knows best and that no child under 11 years old can use yellow balls or they will be damaged for life. They will come and find you and prosecute you for being an abusive parent and a negligent coach! It is far beyond any child's capability to use yellow balls below the age of 11!

Seriously, though, I know you are very knowlegeable about tennis and I am sure you have done an excellent job with your kid. I don't even have a stake in this game as I don't expect my youngest to be a top junior tennis player and the older two have passed this stage. It just irks me about the heavy-handed way that USTA has gone about this - it's as if they believe that there has never been a good US tennis player before the USTA mandated this and that there is no other way for anyone to be a good player who doesn't follow their way.
USTA can mandate all they want, this is a free country, you can play up or choose not to participate and work on technique like GA. Unlike in England where you can not play up two years. My 9 year old can play kids that are almost turning 13. He can play in the 14's, matter of fact we are. There is a low level 14 where he gets to crush kids that are almost 15 who just started playing tennis.
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