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She definitely hustles. The problem was that when she played older girls (10 to 12) with green or regular ... that she would quickly abandon form in favor of chasing down balls and making contact. She had some success against players that age that weren't as strong, but obviously was out of her depth with strong 12's. Very tough to strike a balance between fundamentals at this sort of in-between age. She's still growing quite a bit, but soccer & cross-country has helped with footwork. Her coach admitted that some of this is still a work in progress (the regular/green/orange stuff).

I guess I was more just putting it out there that where before I was pretty much against keeping a stronger junior player with orange ball - even in lessons - now the more I see how she's playing green & regular after lessons - the more I think it's probably a good thing. There are quite a few parents I've seen that just throw their kids into green & regulation because of the stigma of these very low compression balls. Sounds like it may be a different & more frustrating story for 10's and 12's, so I may flip-flop again in a few years...
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