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3 sets of Doubles ....

Played 3 sets of doubles Sunday all have been recorded and posted here. It has been edited down to about 35 minutes and there is an unedited tiebreak at the end.

Tennis Update ...

I have been working on keeping my shoulder closed more on backhands and I feel that has really benefited by backhand. It is not ingrained yet so I sometimes forget and have to remind myself.

I am struggling with figuring out my split step on service return. Just trying to figure out what is comfortable for me. When I look at the videos I only get about 60-65% of serve returns in play. Those I do get in I usually hit well, I would just like that number to be higher.

Fitness Update ...

I have dropped 15 pounds in 7 weeks which is about the pace I would like to maintain. I have achieved this mostly through minor diet modifications ... fruit smoothies instead of breakfast sandwiches ... one helping at dinner instead of two. When my weight loss slows down I will add other modifications but I don't want to do anything to radical that will result in rapid, unsustainable weight loss.

I have continued the throwers ten to rehab my shoulder and it feels fantastic. Over the long weekend I played 11 sets of tennis (going 9-2) and I felt great last night. As good as I have felt in a long time.

I am looking forward to when I am 50 pounds down and what that will feel like on the court.

As a side note: I have been experimenting with the quality of my videos so this is not a great video quality but it is serviceable.
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