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Originally Posted by Liam Curran
I think that technique shouldn't be taught.

I often see players become obsessed with getting their technique perfect, when all it does it hinder your brain.

Look at Tim Henman this year, he has just concentrated on being aggresive and don't think about anything, and let it come naturally. His groundies have improved loads and thats through his simple thinking.

I have never had a lesson in my life and have my own technique that I understand.

Technique is over-rated imo.
I think your example of Henman is not an example of the "non-teaching" of technique. Henman has good technique. He just stopped thinking so much about what he needed to do against a player and just started doing what he did best. He didnt over think his strategy and tactics which is different then technique.

Technique falls in several departments:

1. Footwork and balance

2. Body position and movement

3. Racquet preparation

4. Swing

5. Recovery

Based on these areas of technique, I would say learning proper technique is pretty damn important. Especially since technique will cover learning how to:

1. Serve

2. Volley

3. Hit Overheads

4. Hit drop shots

5. Hit approach shots

6. Hit groundstrokes

7. Hit half volleys

Each of these areas are very different. Technique is about "how" to do something. Once good technique is learned a player should be free to develop their style.
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