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Originally Posted by donnymac10s View Post
1. I was not on a foreign tennis scholarship. 2. Not to brag, but to get into D-I, I'd play tennis 3.5 hrs a day (often on the ball machine, serves, sets with anyone and everyone) and work out for at least 1 hour after that. Thereafter: homework. 3. I had no coach. 4. I hardly played any junior tournaments (parents couldn't afford it). 5. I couldn't wait to test my skills against all players: foreign and domestic. If I failed, I only blamed myself for not working hard enough...and I LOVED the challenge. With the exception of very, very few players, I'm afraid that most of our wonderful juniors have the attitude of jaded playboys. "You want me to jump rope for how long?" "Hitting on the ball machine is boring". "I don't like practicing serves". "I hate running". "I can't concentrate for more than 1-1.5 hrs". "It's too hot; it's too hard; I don't like that drill; it's too windy; my tummy hurts". I've heard it all.. from TOP juniors.
First.....OH my God! What kind of juniors do you know?

Please don't lump all juniors in one category.
It really makes it hard to believe you work with American juniors if you think that this is how they behave,
although I can't say many good things about the academy kids,
but it's more of big cheats, throw their garbage all over the place, trash talk, or can't talk.

In the Northeast, tennis is a fortune.
The juniors are thrilled to be there and value every minute of it otherwise they would be doing something else. Period.

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