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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
First.....OH my God! What kind of juniors do you know?

Please don't lump all juniors in one category.
It really makes it hard to believe you work with American juniors if you think that this is how they behave,
although I can't say many good things about the academy kids,
but it's more of big cheats, throw their garbage all over the place, trash talk, or can't talk.

In the Northeast, tennis is a fortune.
The juniors are thrilled to be there and value every minute of it otherwise they would be doing something else. Period.
You're telling me not to lump all juniors in one category and you seem to be lumping all academy kids in a category. I find that amusing. But I have lived and worked with juniors from mid-west, Pacific Northwest and California (N. and S. Cal). I have seen kids who think (oooh I can play with fonts, too) that they work hard but, in reality, their idea of hard work is that they are not playing video games as much as the computer nerds. I don't blame the kids; I blame the parents. A generation of children raising children.

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