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Originally Posted by donnymac10s View Post
Points 1 and 2: I disagree. I don't believe that college coaches stereotype players based on nationality. The fact is that with a lot of tournaments being played, they form an opinion based on direct observation and conversation with people (other coaches) who are familiar with the players in question. Also, it's more expensive (and riskier) for a college coach to consider a foreigner. From my experience, this is usually last resort after all other suitable US candidates are reviewed and discarded. Regarding point #3: I agree - that's where things should be (and currently are) equalized. Not allow older foreigners to compete against HS graduates. Also, I believe that there are more foreigners in college tennis than other sports because college tennis is truly a global sport (unlike baseball, football or even basketball). If it's not soccer, foreigners don't usually care about other sports.

"I believe, wholeheartedly, that there are numbers of TALENTED, DRIVEN, HARD-WORKING American junior tennis players who want to play college tennis if they are given the opportunity." Help me understand this: are you saying that they must be given the opportunity AND THEN they will start working hard? Sounds a bit backwards to me...
If several college rosters are constantly packed with foreign recruits, the message sent to parents and juniors are that the opportunity or chances to be there is not wide open for American kids. That is another point that discourage or turn kids away to other sports.

BTW, stereotype that American juniors are lazy and whiney was indicated in your posts and ....I hope no college coaches believe that.
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