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Originally Posted by donnymac10s View Post
I am not in the business of recruiting players or in performing player due diligence for college coaches. College coaches are grown-ups and they know more than tennis parents give them credit for.

If several college rosters are constantly packed with foreign recruits, the message that the parents SHOULD get is: have your kids work harder and stop being so picky when it comes to schools. I have had several discussions with current coaches at great D-1 schools (perhaps not "great" in tennis) who say that it's difficult to get Americans to play at their programs because: 1. the school doesn't have a great Football team (foreigners don't care about that); 2. the school is in a small town and there's nothing to do (foreigners don't care about that); 3. the school is in some fly-over state (foreigners don't care about that); 4. the school doesn't have a robust sorority/fraternity system (foreigners don't care about that). At the same time, the coaches are under a great deal of pressure to be competitive in order to save the programs and their own jobs! What are they to do? Go with the Americans who want to play there (but who are simply not good enough) and have the tennis programs chopped because it's not competitive enough?! I appreciate your convictions but you have to look at the whole picture.
I have to disagree.

Your views are skewed. Your post sounds like you are working with wealthy kids, who think they are entitled to everything.
Reality is that there is a large pool of middle class junior players who can't qualify for finaid, and are dependent on their parents for financial support for college.
These kids worked hard at their games/academics, playing the USTA tournament system, but they have no chance against a foreigner.
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