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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
I have to disagree.

Your views are skewed. Your post sounds like you are working with wealthy kids, who think they are entitled to everything.
Reality is that there is a large pool of middle class junior players who can't qualify for finaid, and are dependent on their parents for financial support for college.
These kids worked hard at their games/academics, playing the USTA tournament system, but they have no chance against a foreigner.
You're partially accurate. Some of the kids I've had the pleasure to work with (and they were all a pleasure to work with) have come from wealthy backgrounds. However, some don't have a pot to p-$$ in and still act entitled. Have some of the kids you're talking about contact coaches from: Alcorn State, Allegheny College, Armstrong Atlantic, Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Augusta State, Austin Peay University, Barton College, Bethune-Cookman, etc. But no, our kids complain that they're not getting into USC, UCLA, Stanford, Duke or Virginia. It's not that they don't have a chance against's that they're limiting their choices to schools that are competitive. One of my college team-mates who is a D-1 coach at a school in CA just texted me and said "I have difficulty attracting American players to my program. I HAVE TO RECRUIT FROM OUTSIDE OTHERWISE I'LL LOSE MY JOB. American players don't find our school sexy enough"
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