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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
A dad said to me the other day, who played D1, that if he faced the same competition today, he is not sure he would get a spot.

This dad who did get a spot, years ago, has invested that love of tennis in his son.

Now, if the son doesn't get a spot,
will that junior then turn into a dad who then doesn't instill the love of tennis in his son
as he knows there are no spots for Americans?

It is a downward spiral for American tennis when you take away the opportunities.

Foreigners in American college tennis and the bizarre reductions that the USTA has coming up will be the nail in the coffin.
D1 tennis at the top schools and conferences, just like basketball baseball and football are for Bluechips and 5 stars. If the kid is good enough he won't have any problems. If he's relying in a legacy, good luck to him.
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