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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
According to you statement, who is at fault, the teaching pros of America?
Lots of sports in the US have benefited, I think, from new waves of "hungry" classes of society taking part in the sport.

A list of the middleweight boxing champions in the mid-20th century reads almost like a list of immigrant waves into the country. Each new group...Irish, Italian, German, Jew.....was hungrier than the one before and fought its way to the top....and advanced the sport

Baseball used to be all white. Blacks' involvement brought the game to a new level. And what do we have today? A newer and hungrier group--Latinos--outshining both the whites and the blacks and moving the game to a new level.

These are generalizations, of course. There are still good white and black baseball players.

But I still think there is validity in the observation that new blood....mostly in the form of hungrier classes of society....moving into sports has been a key factor in promoting the advancement of skill levels in those sports.

For various reasons we have not seen this phenomenon in US tennis. At the same time, there has been significant global growth in the sport.....far outstripping that of baseball, football etc. I think these factors account for the stagnation (or decline) of US tennis relative to the level of play globally.

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