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Originally Posted by APG View Post
VS, I look forward to your review of the mid & midplus. I am particularly interested in the arm friendliness of the IG Prestiges.
I am convinced the YT Mp caused an elbow injury(GE)
Which led to a year long recovery. I am back playing with my microgel mp and toying with a couple of Volkl. I have played with other prestiges and pro tours without injury.The YT played far stiffer than it's specs. Thanks for providing us with your critique.
I had my first hit with the IG Prestige MP today. I prefer the feel of IG Prestige MP over the YT MP. It feels softer with much better ball pocketing. I'm thinking of string it tighter like at 60lbs. I'm right now at 57lbs and it feels loose. The feel is not as nice as the IG Mid but way better than the YT MP.
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