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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
There have been occasions, though, when I call a ball out with 100% confidence, then have doubts and don't back out. I don't feel too bad about it, though.
I think we all second guess close out calls. More than once I've called a ball out and a moment or two later corrected myself and conceded the point. It's like I did my own little Hawkeye review in my head and realize I messed up.

Other times I am sure it was out and stand by my call and I still spend half the next point with a slight pressing thought in the back of my head of "was that out?" But I have to let it go because I know I wasn't hooking and if it was a bad call, then we all also make those once in a while as they are occasionally made against us.

But I also know I've been given a generous call in my favor and I've been known to thank my opponent for said call.

What irritates me is when I'm playing an opponent who will will hem & haw after a close line ball they missed trying to decide if it was in or out. Make the damn call immediately - trust your gut. If you have to spend 10-20 seconds standing around the line (hard courts) deciding: the ball is good.

I also will overrule my partner and expect them to do the same for me. I just worry sometimes that my opponents think I'm cheating when I'm receiving and I don't call a serve long and instead return it while my partner calls the fault. For whatever reason, when I'm returning serve (or otherwise actively hitting the ball) I have trouble calling things close - I'm too busy watching the ball to watch where the ball lands, if that makes sense.
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