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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Got to hit with these two tonight, albeit briefly. These Prestiges are legit. Silkier in feel than the YT versions and from what I remember, bigger sweet spot. As for the MP version, it felt to me like it thumped the ball a bit more heavily than the YT version. And the Mid... oh boy, the Mid is sweet. I used to play with the YT Mid. This IG is pure butter, felt easier to get around, sweet spot was delicious. Head did well with this update.
Gads, any sense between the two which have more plow/power for put-aways and on serves, at least with your brief hits? I've always played more with MP-sized frames (Donnay Plat 99, EXO Tour 100, BB London, most recently), but am intrigued by what I'm hearing about the Mid. I use a 1HBH, play an all court game, and generally hit flattish-driving balls, and thinking that the Mid might be worth a try; just jittery about the smaller head size.
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